Hello, welcome to my blog!

This was created with our lovely planner community in mind and for those who love planners, will know that you can never have too much inspiration!

My blog is quite new, but is quickly growing and If I inspire or help just one person then I will be a happy woman. If you love stationery, pens, washi tape and the never ending amount of cute stickers we acquire then you are in the right place.

My aim is to share with you my planner life, show you tutorials and generally how I use my planners to organise my life. I will also be sharing my favourite Etsy shops, coupon codes, bargains I purchase along the way and where you can buy them for yourself. I am based in the UK but I do shop worldwide!

I am a new blogger and still very much learning, but I would love you to follow me on my journey and discover new things with me.

I felt inspired to start a blog after a particular stressful time in my life.  I have always been organised, since the early 90’s (I was born in the 70’s) before mobile phones and the internet!  My love affair with with paper and stationery started a long time and my Filofax was always by my side, I did not decorate or experience any of the beautiful planner kits that are around now but I did love the smell of the leather and it still brings back memories to this day. (if you ever see sniffing my planner, please do not worry 🙂

Anyway…Hi, I’m Leah! I am a Planner Girl, welcome to my world.

Grab a drink and stay awhile…




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