Pretty Little Ring Reinforcers

Ring reinforcers 2

Ring reinforcers

I was having a lot of trouble finding ring reinforcers over here in the UK and the only once I could purchase seemed to be plain white ones! Totally not me!

I was playing around my my filos and came up with an idea to use stickers instead! It works really well.  Here’s how I did it.

Take your page that you want to decorate from your filofax

Place on a clean flat surface

Stick your desired sticker directly over the pre punched hole on your page, making sure it’s central

Press firmly into place

Take a coloured piece of paper or card and cut to match your page (you can use your page as a template for this)

Then using the coloured card as a guide place directly behind the page you plan to punch

Using a single hole punch, individually punch the centre of each sticker, keeping in line with the pre punched holes of your page (the coloured card will show you where to punch)

Thats it 🙂 Now the fun begins as you can be as creative as you want!! I even use plain white ring dividers and colour them in using Sharpies……..the possibilities are endless!

Ring reinforcers 3


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