The Saffiano

So I purchased my very first Filofax from Staples (UK) for £35

Aqua Saffiano Haul

I also picked up a few gel glitter pens and Filofax dots.  I was amazed at this whole new world and could not believe that I’d never been invited to the Filofax world before, I had never even heard of it and like a lot of people, thought Filofaxes were for yuppy men in the 80’s with huge house brick mobile phones and Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses 🙂

When I got home, I remember feeling so excited, I went straight into my office and shut the door…..I thought it was a little secret I had to keep!  So I took the above picture and immediately uploaded it to Instagram….it got 36 likes (at this time I only had 40 followers) so I thought this was AMAZING!!  I felt like I was part of a secret society and I had just paid for life long membership….I was excited to say the least…..

I opened the gorgeous saffiano Filofax and was surprised, inside was the usual inserts and at the back someone had added (thank you whoever you are) the pink flamingo cover story inserts !!  Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling (even though stealing is wrong kids)

So I was hooked! I moved into my aqua (more like dark green) personal saffiano and became organised. I used lots of thing to pretty up the pages, transferred all of my diary into the inserts and waited for something magical to happen….it didn’t. That very same day I felt having just one wasn’t enough!  I needed another fix (does that seem crazy??)  I went shopping in Paperchase a week later and browsed the very limited supply of Filofaxes and my eyes fell upon the A5’s. At £75 it was out of my budget but I just stroked the cover and sighed…..I waved goodbye to my perfect filo and instead took home this…….

Pink Breast Cancer Filo Haul

This is the personal Breast Cancer Awareness Filofax. I must admit I had seen this around before but had no idea what to do with it before I fell in love with filos and always admired from afar. Its a great colour. Dark hot pink leather and some of the inserts were baby pink which I really liked.  On this particular day I picked up some jelly pens, inserts, stickers, deco tapes and paper tapes all  from Paperchase.

I decided to use my personal saffiano for a day to day planner and the pink breast cancer filo for all of my penpal tracking.  It worked really well for a while and I really enjoyed the interaction from all those lovely people (some I can now call friends) on Instagram. I have not dared post any of my addiction on Facebook or Twitter yet for fear of being judged or mocked.  That may see strange, but as lots of you probably know we are a small minority and most people who I tell about my love for filos laugh and tell me the men in white coats are coming haha!

The only thing I have to say to them is……’Can I take my Filofaxes with me to the nut house’? If so ‘I don’t care!’

Would love to hear your comments about people reactions…..comment below 🙂

In my bag '[pl;l;l'


One Reply to “The Saffiano”

  1. Hi! Are you going to post about how you organize these two planners? I’d love to know 🙂 And I’m pretty sure a lot of people would, too 🙂

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