Welcome to my blog! Grab a cuppa and have a look around 🙂

I initially wanted to start this blog because I feel my passion (obsession) for my home and stationery (yes and Filofaxes) were starting to overwhelm peoples timelines!  You know that moment when you suddenly realise that the only photos you post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are those of your decorated weekly pages and no longer do you post gorgeous pictures of your little cherubs…..

Well that’s me, I’m guilty of all of the above and I’m proud to finally take a stand and say ‘Hello, My name is Leah and I am a Filoholic!

(Sits down real fast and blushes)

Ahem…..well a little about me. I am married and have 4 children (those little cherubs I was talking about up there) and I live in the UK.  I have always been a huge fan of being organised and planners have helped (ruled) me most of my life!  I love my home and am also a little obsessed with organising. Be it my glassware cabinet or one of my children’s wardrobes, I will take time to empty it, travel to Ikea armed with lists and hopeful solutions and come home again and make it all neat, pretty and ORGANISED!

I have always used a diary to organise my daily life but NEVER ever thought of writing with any pen other than a black bic! Perish the thought of adding colourful tapes and stickers to it!!  Never even crossed my mind! So I can honestly say that even though I was organised I always seem to miss appointments somehow, or I would be late to a dinner party. I would be forgetful at times when I needed to be somewhere and I know the exact reason…..I didn’t have a FILOFAX!!

The love affair started when I was logging onto Instagram to close my account down. I had opened it a year before and never used it (nor had a clue how to use it) when I clicked the little button that said discover………….it was like Narnia!!  I was Lucy…stepping through the wardrobe for the very first time and it wasn’t lions I was looking for (or shoes for that matter )  I saw a whole new world of washi tapes, stickers and gorgeous decorated reams of paper and I was hooked!

The rest as they say was history…….I researched and researched and asked lots of questions, constantly scrolling through beautiful photographs until I found it, my first love……..

A personal aqua Saffiano………

Personal Aqua Saffiano


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